The Process

Friday, 20 August 2010 00:08 administrator
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The typical construction process for a Top Sprouts greenhouse consists of 3 phases.

Phase 1: Planning Process

The first phase is a planning process, where the building structure, roof surface and relevant zoning codes are inspected to see if a rooftop greenhouse is feasible. If determined so, the building is then re-evaluated for structural integrity. Calculations for any necessary structural reinforcements and suggestions for possible building alteration work are provided. The initial costs for all greenhouse elements, necessary building alterations and additional options are then estimated.

Phase 2: Design Process

In Phase Two, the building owner works with the design team and greenhouse specialists to plan an appropriate system with the necessary components and specified additional options that is within the set budget. Depending on the conditions of the building such as existing access points, plumbing and electrical, roof alterations may be necessary. During the Design Period, the actual plans for the greenhouse are realized and the technical systems for plumbing, electrical, HVAC are planned. By the end of Phase Two, final costs are quoted and construction is ready to begin.

Phase 3: Construction Process

Construction is divided into several stages.
First, the building structure is prepared. Any necessary structural reinforcement and building alteration work will be done. Depending on existing building conditions, alterations may include adding access points, extending a freight elevator, adding an external fire escape staircase, bringing up necessary plumbing and/or electrical connections, etc.
Second, the roof surface is prepared. The roof membrane is repaired or replaced – determined during the building evaluation of Phase One – and the necessary connection points for the greenhouse system are installed. By the end of this stage, the roof is ready to receive the actual greenhouse structure.
Third, the greenhouse and accompanying systems are installed. The pre-fabricated greenhouse structure will enable a quick installation. If photovoltaic, waste heat capture or rainwater capture systems are desired, they will also be installed during this final construction stage.
Once the greenhouse is constructed, the building owner has the option to grow the produce themselves or hire Top Sprouts as a contractor to do the growing. The greenhouse operation involves growing (seeding, planting and harvesting), selling and distributing the produce.