About Top Sprouts

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Top Sprouts partners with building owners to invest in their currently underutilized roof space. We develop rooftop greenhouse systems to grow fresh produce for urban consumers while greening the building and generating attractive returns for the owner. Our vision is to integrate rooftop greenhouse systems to all suitable urban buildings and create local, self-sustaining economies that will


Produce quality food in a sustainable way

Provide new job opportunities

Build strong communities

Lessen our environmental footprint


We believe that it takes one person to come up with a neat idea, but a community to create an impact and bring about social change.  Now it is time to bring sustainable urban farming to our homes and workplaces.  Top Sprouts strives to build strong partnerships with local growers, community groups, building professionals, property owners and most importantly, urban consumers to help cities grow up, one roof at a time.


We hope you can join us in this challenging and fun-filled venture. Please visit our Community page to find out how you can get involved and stay up-to-date with Top Sprouts activities.



Alice and Akshay




Mission Statement:

Our goal is to bring healthy, fresh, local food to urban communities, using the most efficient and sustainable means possible, by capturing and reusing as much waste resources as possible and in doing so

  • Developing the community through jobs, education and social justice
  • Greening the environment
  • Promoting a healthier lifestyle, and
  • Delivering commensurate returns to Top Sprouts and its partners.